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This is a maths mission using co-ordinates.

Go to the gate at the entrance to the field.

A map will turn up, with co-ordinates as directions.

All you will have is a number and a letter for each location.

Can you answer the questions or complete the challenges and find your way to the end?

Go to the Gate to the field.

Have fun!
Chapter one

This is your map.
Read it carefully, we are going to send you on a Maths Mission.
Go to co-ordinate I14
Chapter two

Do ten star jumps on the grass counting up to 100 in tens.
Eg 10, 20 etc
Go to co-ordinate I5
Chapter three

Find 5 symmetrical things.

Put an odd number of things in the oven.
Go to co-ordinate C13
Chapter four

Run around a tree counting in 5's as high as you can.
Make a clock with 12 leaves and 2 sticks.
Go to co-ordinate G12
Chapter five

Estimate how long and wide the polytunnel is in metres.
Go to co-ordinate A5
Chapter six

Count how many musical notes there are.
Count in 2's to 20.
Go to co-ordinate c1
Chapter seven

Run up and down the playground, how many strides is it?
Go to co-ordinate D3
Chapter eight

Count how many flags there are around the sandpit and double the number.
Go to co-ordinate F1
Chapter nine

Congratulations, you have completed our griddler maths challenge!

You are a maths-magician!
the end!