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Hansel and Gretel by Scooby Class

Welcome to the Hansel and Gretel Storywalk.
Walk to the Peaceful place by the purple play house to start the story.
Chapter one

Home by Jack and Tommy

Once upon a time there lived a brother and sister called Hansel and Gretel, they were very poor. They lived in a little cottage on the edge of the woods with their Father and grotty Stepmother. One day, Hansel overheard his Stepmother telling his father that the children must be left in the woods, as they were too expensive to keep, Quick thinking Hansel quickly snuck out of the house and collected a pocketful of shiny little white pebbles.

The next day the children's father told them they were going for a picnic in the dangerous woods and they set off. Slowly, looking at the ground the children set off for the picnic in the dark woods and they were scared and sad.
Pick up a handful of the white stones from the basket on the table. Go through the gate onto the grass. Walk slowly 17 metres to the edge of the sandpit dropping the white stones as you go!
Chapter two

The clearing by Ben and Hayden

The scared children's father led them along a winding path, to a spooky clearing in the scary woods.
Their Dad made them a fire and told them to wait while he went to collect some thick firewood. The children waited for ages, But their father didn't come back and eventually, they fell asleep.
They woke up late in the evening, cold and alone. Eventually, Gretel began to cry and Hansel felt sad.
Hansel told her about the shiny white pebbles he had dropped and how they could follow them home. They looked around and saw the stones gleaming in the moonlight.
The children followed the pebbles through the woods, back to their dear old home and the welcoming arms of their delighted father.
Walk back 17 metres through the gate to the woodcutter's cottage collecting the White stones as you go. Put the stones back in the basket for the next traveller.
Chapter three

The Woodcutter's cottage by Thomas and Cam

The children's stepmother was furious because the children had returned and that night locked the children in their room so they couldn't collect stones again to get back home.

The next day, they all set off into the forest again. This time the children didn't have stones but, Hansel dropped little crumbs from the stale piece of bread his stepmother had given him to eat on the way to the forest, incase they got hungry.
The children ran and ran for a very long time dropping crumbs as they went, until their legs got tired from running. Hansel and Gretel were scared.
Walk in a loop past the pre school, past the apparatus and the shed and go through the gap in the hedge to get to the fire pit in the forest school area. You will travel between 76 and 77 metres!
Chapter four

The second clearing in the woods. Ollie and Poppy

This time they arrived in a little clearing on the opposite side of the woods.
The children's father lit the red hot fire and showed the children where there were lots of edible, pink and purple berries growing.
Again the children fell fast asleep and again they woke up in the dark to find their father had vanished.
Hansel told Gretel about the trail of bread he had left, but unfortunately, when they looked it had disappeared, eaten by the birds and animals of the forest.
Now the children were cold and scared, they decided to try to find the way their father had vanished. They set off through the forest wandering between the trees.
Follow the path, through the willow arch. Look carefully at the faces on the trees as you pass! You will see a willow chair in a circle of poles in the corner of the field. You will travel 47 metres.
Chapter five

The Gingerbread cottage. Ted and Fred

Through the green trees the children suddenly spied a little cottage in a amazing clearing, lit up in the moonlight. They moved closer very slowly and gasped. The cottage wasn't a normal cottage at all, it looked to be entirely edible! On closer inspection, the walls were made of delicious gingerbread, the windows were melted boiled sweets and the door was made of chocolate biscuit! The children tiptoed nearer and as they were wanting to eat some food, so they started to nibble huge bits from the window sill!

Suddenly the door of the house flew open and a grumpy old witch slowly moved out. Her hair was black as soot and hung in tangles down her back, her teeth were crooked and brown as well her chin and nose were hooked and pointed.The curved witch grabbed the children by the top of the hair, chucked Gretel in the gingerbread house and dragged Hansel horribly to a tiny cage made out of human bones!
Walk along the wall back towards the sandpit. You will see 2 trees and a stage with a music note on. You will have travelled 63 metres.
Chapter six

Hansel's cage - Tamara and William

The fierce witch locked Hansel in a dark, huge, scary, cage and every day made him eat lots and lots of food that was cooked in the oven by his sister. Gretel was kept a prisoner inside the sweet gingerbread house, made to sweep the dirty, dusty floors and look after the gingerbread house while the evil witch fattened up Hansel to eat him for her tea!
Luckily, Hansel had a cunning plan and every day when the witch asked him to stick out his little finger to see if he was fat enough but Hansel stuck out a rotten chicken bone that was covered in black leeches he found beside the small cage. The witch being nearly blind, couldn't understand why Hansel wasn't getting fatter and fatter.
One day, the witch lost her patience and asked Gretel to stoke the flaming hot fire in the oven ready to cook him!
This was Gretel's chance! She told the witch she thought that the oven was too small to fit her brother in and while the witch leant into the oven to prove her wrong, Gretel pushed her forwards and locked the witch in the oven! The witch was no more!

Gretel raced to the cage to unlock her brother and they set off exploring through the gingerbread house.

Search around you on the way to the orchard as if you are looking for the witch's treasure. Walk 75 metres past the bench on your left, past the willow dome and through the willow arch. Go out of the hole in the side of the willow arch and you are in the orchard.
Chapter seven

The witch's treasure trove - Austin and Lucas

In the orchard with 5000 trees, outside the witches cottage, the children found a huge treasure chest full to the brim with all sorts of jewels and gems and gold. The children grabbed handfuls of the treasure and then carefully buried the rest of the treasure in a huge chest under a tree, where they knew they would find it again. They returned to the witches' cottage and filled a bag with sweets, biscuits and gingerbread for the journey and set off home to find their father.

Walk in loops around the school field I magining you are lost and looking for your home. Eventually walk down the field towards the sandpit, go through the gate to the purple house. End up back at the Woodcutter's cottage.
Chapter eight

Back home! Emily and Herbie

After hours five of wandering round and round in circles nibbling sweets along the way through the spooky woods the children finally found their way back to a part of the forest they knew. As the trees grew less bunched in, they suddenly spied the house they had been dreaming of seeing ...their home!
The children were met at the shiny wooden door of the little cottage by their father, he was delighted when he saw them approach on the door step of their home and happily ran forward to meet them with hugs and kisses.
He told them that their stepmother had left and would never return again.
The children showed their father the treasure and they all lived happily ever after.

The end
Congratulations, you have completed the walk. We hope you enjoyed our story.