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Rock Trolls 4

Welcome to the story walk engine.

Pass through the first gate which leads out into the playing field. There the next instructions will open below, and the story begin.

Six steps to the story.

1. See the white bars on the bottom of the page below.
2. The number on the left of the first one tells you how far you are from the correct place.
3. As you get closer the number will get smaller.
4. When you arrive, the bar will expand and you can then read the next part of the story.
5. When you have finished reading then go find the next.
6. When all the bars are open then the story is at an end.


Norton St Philip
Chapter one

The gate to the field

The Rock Troll Tale
Not many people know this, but Norton St Philip is a place of earthbound power where people and nature are in perfect harmony. It is this balance with the world that helps fields to flourish, flowers to bloom and trees to bud and attracts many creatures from near and far.
One of these creatures you may never have seen and may not even believe exist, but we're here to reveal is ... the Rock Troll.
These gentle creatures are highly camouflaged, so appear invisible to the naked eye. They are kind healers, living together, helping nature to live in harmony with people.
Would you like to meet them? Follow our lead as we introduce you to a species rarely seen by human eyes, but tread quietly as they scare easily and then all you will see is a pile of rocks!
Walk yo the poly tunnel.
Chapter two

Steven the troll - Lucas

Steven is my troll he has long hairy Iegs, a big nose big tummy big ears and a brown coat.
Now go to the playhouse.
Chapter three

La la the Troll- Emily

My troll is called lala she has a green dress. She has pointy ears and a pink special necklace.
The next troll is in forest school.
Chapter four

Steve the troll - Miriam

My troll is called steven he really like's rose flower's and he love's necklace's the necklace's are made out of deole's they have love pawer's to make people fall in love when they talk the necklace's glow and they have very sharp teeth the teeth are made out of stone's my troll has clothe's made out of green fur of animal skin they are
Very prity the necklace's are made out of dimon's very sparkley dimon's he eat's leave's and grass and red rosis the hart in middel is red
Tiptoe to the sandpit.
Chapter five

Mike the Troll - Austin

My trolls name is Mike he is posh he has purple claws and he likes rolling around.
Walk across to the music stage.
Chapter six

Carlin the troll - Freddy

His name name is carling. He is fat and uglee. His speshal power is invisibility. He has dimonds in his red, green and pink hair.
Finally return to the gate where you started.
Chapter seven

The end

Did you manage to tread quietly and see them all? Aren't they magical? Did one talk to you?
Keep your eyes open in the future, rock trolls are everywhere, but only a rare few can ever see them!

Thank you for reading our Storywalk!