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The Hidden Animals

The Hidden Animals by Norton St Philip pupils.

The first chapter of this story will begin at the a majestic tree in Norton St Philip, which sits between the School and the Church.

Chapter one

The Beginning

The woodland procession approaches, and lifted highly upon firm branches, all knotted in a crazy splendid mess, sits the Forest Tree King, and all about is perfect. The sunshine of the day perches upon his shoulder and he looks lovingly down into the gathered crowd.

Ribbons and bunting are everywhere, gold, green, blue, white, yellow, fluttering like butterflies in the light summer breeze.

'Welcome my friends' he says to the gathering, his deep voice, warm and welcoming. 'Now who shall sit on my throne for the day? Who shall bring me the most perfect leaf, for that is what you must do for me and then I will grant the winner a seat upon my throne for the day.'
Chapter two

The Leaf

He then pauses for effect though the words are the same every year.
'But there is one simple rule, do you know it?' and all about the crowd chant 'Yes, yes we do.'
'Well then that is good, but lets help our new friends freshly joined' and he turns to you and says.

'The leaves must fall naturally to the ground, none must be picked from the trees themselves, and be careful where you collect them from, it must be clean and free from litter of any kind. Now are you ready?'

Are you? Then nod to the Forest Tree King.

All about the courtyard the frenzy is about to begin, there is a magic hush as the King lifts his arm in readiness. Everyone holds their breath waiting for the signal, then he opens his palm and out spill hundreds of rose petals, and off like a gun the crowd goes, to the left and right, people scurrying and snatching at the leaves on the ground, along the side, on rocks, on the tops of the walls. When they have what they believe to be the best, then they head off across the grass at a mad pace.

Then the King of the Forest turns gently to you again and asks kindly. 'What are you waiting for, find one superb leaf each, make it different from each others, so no two should be alike if you can help it, then take them to the five judges in the field.'

'The winner will have the chance to sit upon my throne, it is always the prize going far back into history, further than books, and long beards, and perhaps even before shoes were invented, and that is a very long way back indeed!'

So your task is set, each take a moment to find a leaf, as perfect as can be and then when you are ready, come back to me and read on.

You all have a leaf?
Chapter three

How to get to Lily the Cat

You don't have to walk very far to find Lily the Cat, just look up in the tree that is in the middle of the grass!
Chapter four

Lily the Cat

Lily the cat has a pink nose, she is mostly white with a bit of black. She lives up in the tree in the middle of the patch of grass. She would like a big leaf, that she can hide under and play with, the biggest one will win.
Chapter five

Lily the cat

Chapter six


To get to Draggy Dragonfly walk through the grave yard to the gate which leads into the Mead. Then walk all the way up to the top of the field, head towards the far left corner and you will find the hidden door.
Chapter seven



Dragy Dragonfly
is very delicate and soft.
In the wall there is a hidden door between the ivy.
In there he will be cooking chocolate pie in his kitchen.
Draggy would like the strongest , heaviest leaf so he can put choclate pie on it.
Put your leaves in a row on the floor, next put them in the air and let them fall.
Look for the strongest and heaviest leaf


Now you have chosen I will tell you about Draggy Dragonfly's world.

Draggy is surrounded of old walls coloured white , yellow with a bit of moss.

Every day he can hear birds singing , wellington boots walking around and every day people talking.

He can smell the sweet smell of green leaves, damp walls and fresh air.

When Draggy goes out he can feel the rough walls, damp-dry leaves
and dust between the cracks of the walls.

Draggy has one of the best places in nature.

Good luck with all my other friends
I hope you had fun, please visit me whenever you like.

Draggy Dragonfly

Chapter eight

Chapter nine

Directions to Bouncy Rabbit

Step down from the hidden door and head diagonally across the Mead.
Go to the cricket pavilion walk round to the right and go behind it. Bouncy Rabbit will be in and around the ivy.
Chapter ten

Chapter eleven


Bouncy Rabbit

Once there was a Rabbit called Bouncy Rabbit and he likes having dreams, especially football dreams. He once had a day where he wanted a leaf day so he had a leaf competition.
He said that the person who has a strongest leaf is the winner. The strongest leaf wins.
Chapter twelve

Directions to Daisy Dog

Daisy lives by the gate that leads to Budgens in the top right hand corner of the Mead. She lives in the ditch to the side of the path.
Chapter thirteen

Chapter fourteen

Daisy the dog

Daisy The Dog.
If you've watched Lady and the Tramp, I am the colour of Lady, a sort of ginger colour. I live by the gate and the play park is nearby. I hear the children playing there, and I can smell the fresh air of the park. I feel the wet grass sometimes when I walk over sometimes. because there are no dogs allowed, I always pretend I am a lost puppy and usually no one recognises me.
if you ever spot me come over and say hi. Bring your leaf and I shall judge the shiniest to win. I want the shiniest because the shine through the brambles shines down on me and helps me to wake up. So lay your leaves down and the shiniest is the winner.
Chapter fifteen


Directions to Taylor the Worm
If you go back to the cricket pavilion and again go round the back you should go to the shed and look in front of you.
Chapter sixteen


Taylor the Worm wears sunglasses. He likes to play football. Taylor the worm lives next to the rubbish behind the pavilion. Taylor is looking for the softest leaf.
Chapter seventeen

Chapter eighteen

Directions to Midnight the rabbit

Go to the cricket pitch in the middle of the Mead. Midnight the rabbit lives right in the middle.
Chapter nineteen


Midnight the Rabbit.
The king likes to meet up with Midnight the Rabbit and they have a picnic. Midnight the Rabbit lives in the middle of the cricket pitch. Midnight loves playing in the park. Midnight Is brown, Yellow, black and blue. Midnight wants a fluffy Leaf. The softest to the touch will win.
Chapter twenty

Chapter twenty-one

Directions to the Forest King

Now you are nearly at the end go to the church yard gate.
Chapter twenty-two

End - The Forest Tree King

The King waits eagerly, he has judged many leaves already, but lots of faces are a little glum as nobody has won yet today, but then you place your leaves on the church yard wall, and the Kings wise eyes light right up.

'All these leaves are so beautiful,' he says 'but every competition needs a winner and the throne can only hold one person, so . . . ' and he pauses thinking for a moment.

'Is there one leaf which has been chosen more than the others?'

Who's leaf has been chosen the most times?

But the King shakes his head, 'We can't leave it like this, I have an idea, you can take it in turns on my throne.'

And an enormous roar of applause erupts from the crowd, hats are thrown into the air and music begins to start.

Then the Forest Tree King lifts you up high onto the throne of branches and all cheer at the first winner.