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Weaver of Norton

Welcome to Christopher Jelley's story walk engine.

Six steps to the story.

1. See the white bars on the bottom of the page below.
2. The number on the left of the first one tells you how far you are from the correct place.
3. As you get closer the number will get smaller.
4. When you arrive, the bar will expand and you can then read the next part of the story.
5. When you have finished reading then go find the next.
6. When all the bars are open then the story is at an end.

The first chapter of this story will begin at the majestic Tree which stands between the School and Church of Norton St Philip, Somerset.

Postcode BA2 7LU

Go sit on the bench, the story will reveal and your journey then begin.

The story has been created by the pupils and teachers of Norton St Philip and Christopher Jelley, which has been facilitated by the Shine Trust.
Chapter one

The Beginning

There once lived a weaver, in Norton St Philip, whose skills were used to repair cloth and clothes for well pursed people. So great and desired was her craftsmanship that a poem or ditty would often follow her about.

She'll stitch a seam so straight and true,
she'll match the cloth, of blue to blue,
and sew a patch as good as new.

Well one day a young man brought her a drawer of tapestries which were in dire need of her skills, and although this box was very heavy he did not seem burdened by its weight, and lightly placed it down in her workshop. She then set to making him a ticket and valuing the job before her.

Now the tapestries were old and numerous, and he waited patiently while she marked up each repair and estimated the time it would take. At length she wrote out the ticket in double, one for her and one for him, and then said 'there is much work here, and if I am to undertake, then I will expect half payment first, with the balance on completion.'

At this the young man took out two silver coins from his waistcoat pocket and laid them on the mantle piece shelf. He then took a wooden beaker and covered the two coins with it.

'Here is your fee in full,' he said 'Now you have my cloth, and payment too, but I will ask two favours of you, if you will allow.'

She nodded as neatly as her repairs and waited for him to continue.
Chapter two

The Proposition

'Walk with me from the Mead on Sundays whilst this work is in your labour, for I would enjoy your company, and you can tell me the tale of your toils.'

Well this sounded like a curious request, but the young man had already paid well so she said she would.

He smiled kindly at this and then said 'I have one further request, I have placed two silver coins beneath your beaker, and if you leave them there and do not touch them till these works are complete then I shall give you another for every tale told.'

A tight smile drew across her face as if he were mocking her, but he then repeated 'But there is a rule, for you must not look under that beaker until the tapestries are repaired and back in my care. If you can do this, then you will find another silver coin for every story told. But if you cannot refrain, then there will be only the two.' He said this with such serious conviction that she took him at his word and bid him good day, so that she could get to her work.

All week long she worked at the tapestries, and was so curious about the gentleman's words, that she left the beaker still, not touching it even when she lit the fire, nor when she dusted.

At the weeks end she had made a good start on the tapestries but it was time to meet her benefactor and so she made her way to the sun dial in the Church Yard before the kissing gate which leads into the Mead.

Go there now to read the next chapter.
Chapter three


Pass through the Church yard towards the Mead, which is the large walled cricket field. In the church yard just before the Mead field is a sun dial, this is where the gentleman meets the weaver, and it's where you should go now.
Chapter four

The Sun Dial

The Gentleman is waiting for her, she loops her arm through his as is the custom. They then walk through the kissing gate and into the Mead field, there they turn right and stroll along the hard path. First it passes the pavilion, then skirts along the edge of the field.

I have many stories to tell, and some of which I have not even heard myself yet, indulge me for I know a few things about Norton St Philip which may surprise you.

Chapter five


From the sundial make your way along the path and go through the gate. After that, turn right onto the path and walk past the pavilion and you will see the scar tree on the right.
Chapter six

Directions to Snappy The Crocodile

From the Scar Tree, face away from the church and go up the path on the Mead, until the story of Snappy The Crocodile triggers...!
"Here I am in the bushes on the right hand side" Snappy says.
Chapter seven

The Scar Tree

The scar tree is a magical tree and even though it looks young, it's been there since dinosaur times.
The scar tree once belonged to a mighty dinosaur called Rex.
Rex was the king of all the dinosaurs. Rex is a meat eater but you're lucky because he only eats other dinosaurs. Rex is green with yellow poisonous scales. He has a big long green tail which has poisonous yellow scales on it! which shoots spikes. Rex loved his scar tree, so he made a scar on it so he would never forget his favourite out of all of them. The scar is still there waiting for Rex. Rex liked the scar tree because it regenerates his spikes and heals him when he gets hurt - when he gets a cut, a bruise or a thorn or when he gets the dinosaur pops. When he gets tired he touches it and it makes him sleep which fills him up with energy. So you might see Rex because Rex is still alive and I will tell you why; because Rex survived when the meteorite hit the Earth by running away and the meteorite left a big hole in the Earth where it landed and if you go there now it will still be there.
Chapter eight

Snappy the Crocodile

You may think this is a log but in truth it's Snappy The Crocodile who is dark, dark black because he does nothing but roll, in dark squishy mud. Snappy The Crocodile has a very bumpy, scaly, long tail and big green, beady eyes. His claws are as sharp as knives. At night, Snappy goes out to the rainbow gate and goes through, to get his colourful fish for tea and colourful water from the pond and he also drinks the colourful water from the colourful pond. Then he goes to the top of the Mead, under the big slide to eat his fish. If you get close enough to Snappy, you can see the colour in his teeth that has been dyed from the colourful fish and the colourful pond. Snappy got to the Mead because one day, Snappy went down a vortex in a river in Australia and ended up on the Mead! He has lived here ever since and loves it!
Chapter nine


Walk up the field and through the new wooden gate to the new housing estate. In this new estate there are further instructions to the next story.
Chapter ten

The New Build

Turn left until you come to the main road.
Cross the main road safely checking both ways for traffic.

Directly opposite, across the main road is a little hidden path, you may need to go to the right a little before you can see it properly.

Start walking up the path and the next of the Weaver's stories will reveal.
Chapter eleven


Walk past the triangular forest of flowers and go halfway up the little, stony path. On your left you will see a stone shaped like a dragon. Then the story The Dragon Head stone will reveal.
Chapter twelve

The forest of Flowers

Once long ago, when giants and goblins lived, there was a kingdom of fairies. They had a glamorous Queen called Phoebe and a handsome king called Dillon. They lived in a magical land called the Forest of Flowers. Their kingdom was a perfect land and
everyone stuck to the rules. There were flowers everywhere, and each flower was all colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, pink, green and so on. The kingdom of the Forest of Flowers was shaped like a triangle because it has three sides and three is the Queen's favourite number. Next door in the cracks of the wall is where the Root men lived. The Root men were horrible men and whatever they touch turned rotten.

However, one day, there was a catastrophic bang and an enormous thump, it was the Root men! The Root men were attacking! King Dillon had an army called the Flutter Warriors, so the Flutter Warriors came to the rescue. The devastating war went on for about a year. The Root men kept on driving forward and the Forest of Flowers carried on rotting, so it was no use to the Flutter Warriors.

But one day Queen Phoebe went on a walk to see exactly how much damage was done, that is when she found out that she had a special power, so that when she touched a dying plant it came back to life blooming brightly! And that day, she went out touching everything in her path. At the end of that day she had a colossal party. The Root men went away and never returned.

Look very carefully in the cracks in the wall surrounding the kingdom and make sure there are no Root men there!
Chapter thirteen

Directions to magical meadow

Stay left on the path and walk towards the wooden gate. Carefully lift the chain and open the gate. You must be very careful in this field as sometimes there are animals and if you shout or run you could scare them. Stay on the left side of the field where there is a track.
Chapter fourteen

The Dragon Head Stone

Once upon a time there was a farmer. One day he was walking down the narrow path when he saw an enormous dragon that was camouflaged with the brick wall. His body looked like bricks and because he was hard to see, the farmer thought at first that he was another wall. The dragon had blood dripping out of his body, the blood was green and slimy. The dragon started to speak in a language that the farmer could understand. He said that he was a kind dragon, but that he was dying of cancer. The dragon took one last breath and collapsed right in front of the farmer. He was dead!

The farmer went to the field and dug an enormous hole. He threw the dragon into the hole and put the soil back on the top. However, the farmer kept the dragon's head so that he would not forget him. He used the head as a stone to repair a broken bit of the stone wall, where the dragon had died. Sometimes the farmer comes back to look at the Dragon head stone so he doesn't forget the dragon, he goes up to the gate and looks up at the stars and sometimes he can see the pattern of the dragon in the stars.

Sometimes children put money or messages into the eye hole of the dragon and make a secret wish, which they hope will come true. Look closely in the wall and try to spot the dragon head.
There is a link to go with the story which is a photo.
Chapter fifteen


As you stand in the middle of the meadow facing the wall, can you see how the footpath snakes through the field to another gate.
Make your way to the gate and go through it for the next story to reveal.
Chapter sixteen

Magical meadow

Welcome to the magical meadow.

At night the horses turn into unicorns, the unicorns are created by magic as powerful as the best sorcerers in the world. They look like normal horses by day, but by night they turn as white as snow and their horns are invisible, in case any one sees them. The dragons rise from the ground at night, they are all either green or red with rough scales and their eyes are dark brown.

The dragons and unicorns are best friends.

The dragon's protection is their rough scales and they breathe fire to burn enemies of the unicorns. The unicorns have fun running around playing tag as they are so intelligent. If you pass through the field and they are not there that is what they are doing. If you look close enough and believe in magic you may be able to see the unicorns' horns, or the smoke from the dragons rising from the ground.
Chapter seventeen

The Stone Cover

Once upon a time, there was a glorious golden horse called Goldie. He lived in a meadow with his great pal, Maximum. They were no ordinary horses, but they were spy horses with laser guns hidden in their saddle.

Little did the friends know, but in a nearby underground den, a nasty group called the FOBG (Fierce Official Bad Guys) were plotting together to make themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams. Their plan was to creep up on the horses in the village, shoot them with a magical gold gun that turns them instantly into precious gold dust, making them millionaires!

Whilst munching on his favourite mound of grass, Goldie heard the faint murmur of deep voices. He didn't hear the whole plan, but understood enough to know that he and his friend were in danger! Goldie told his friend that they must work together to stop the FOBG. Goldie quickly reacted telling Maximum to hide himself in the bushes, close to the stone cover where the men's base was. Goldie then loudly knocked on the stone cover with his hoof.

The cover opened and Goldie bit the hands of the gang as they piled out. The final gangster came out holding a massive gold bazooka. Goldie was scared by this and took a step back. The man moved towards Goldie and at that moment Maximum leaped at the gang letting rip with his laser guns. Goldie joined Maximum and it wasn't long before the gang were defeated.

Take a look around the stone cover for signs of the laser fight. The two friends won the fight!
Chapter eighteen

Chapter nineteen


Pass through the gate and along the path, the wellhead is low and on your right.
Chapter twenty

Directions to the Mystery Door

Can you see a narrow footpath slightly to your left across the road? Oh good! If you could wander down this stony footpath and be on the lookout for a hidden door nestled in the ivy. It's close to where the footpath turns into a road. Hopefully a new story will appear. If you like fairies then this is the story for you......
Chapter twenty-one

The Well Head

Once there was a man and a woman who got married in a chapel, near by was a well. The man was called Ed and the woman was called Effie. They had a big, silly fat cat (who always got his head stuck in his food bowl) called Sebastian, and they also had a little sausage-dog called Olivia.

On the day of the marriage Sebastian was the page-boy and Olivia was the Bridesmaid. Right after Ed and Effie had got married, a huge round of applause filled the chapel! Ed and Effie managed to catch a big bunch of their best flowers, and when everyone had calmed down, they all followed Ed and Effie to the well where the flowers were planted in the very heart of the well.

The well suddenly brightened up the whole street. Immediately, the flowers grew and grew and grew and grew and grew, until it was the biggest tree ever! Ed and Effie decided to live up the wonderful tree, so they scampered home later that day, packed their bags and lived happily ever after!
Chapter twenty-two


Continue along the path to the road.
Chapter twenty-three

Mystery Doorway

Nobody has ever been through the secret doorway! It is believed to have fairies in the garden behind it. The keyhole is buried deep in poisonous ivy. If you did find it, you would think where's my key normally- then think again. If you believe in fairies the door will open, when you push it, but if you don't believe in fairies you should remember something you need to get out....NOW! Well bye bye to all who don't believe in fairies.

Right who's left? Ok enter slowly, so you don't disturb the fairies and keep on the path because the path fairies are the only fairies who are away on holiday.

Right ,lets carry on,you must keep on the PATH and step over rocks (Don't want to squash the rock fairies!) Don't stop to admire the flowers or grass because it makes the fairies nervous, so they hold their breath and they faint which makes the whole garden freeze and then you can't breath and it sort of goes a bit crazy except nobody can move so we call it SSP.(Silent,Suffocating,Panic!)

Try to move your eyes so the fairies stop panicking and you can breath again! If you are lucky enough not to experience SSP, good, if you are unlucky enough to experience SSP, try as hard as you can only to do it once more (If you can help it don't do it any more!)

Not getting SSP is one of the most important things after keeping on the PATH! Going back to the beginning just for a minute- I would advise you to wear gloves if you want to touch the ivy, because if you touch it with your bare hands you will turn MAGICALLY into dark, poisonous ivy!

This is the only remedy to ivy-phini so read carefully, the only way to break the spell is if your Mum touches the leaf you got turned into! But she only has three tries, if she doesn't succeed on the first try she'll get permanent spots and itchy skin. If she doesn't succeed on the second try, she'll become hairy (REALLY REALLY HAIRY!) If she doesn't succeed on the third try, she will become a temporary ivy leaf!

Then it's up to the little boy/girl's Dad. He has two tries! If he doesn't succeed on the first try, he'll become flimsy and thin, if he doesn't succeed on the second try he too will become a temporary ivy. Then it's up to whoever is left. They only have one try but they stay normal because it wouldn't be fair if they only had one try- but got sort of tortured, but who knows it might be fun to be ivy, but who would know?

Because as soon as they turn back to humans (in a few hours) they won't remember a thing! (Apart from how to drive, spell, write, read, play, walk, eat, drink, run, skip, how old they are and who they know.) They will remember everything apart from what happened in the last few hours! Hello! If you can't remember what you're reading about, you're reading a story of the mystery doorway and you are on a storywalk called Weaver of Norton!
The End
Chapter twenty-four

Road Junction

At the road turn left back into the village and towards The George inn pub, but stay on the path as it is easier to cross just a little past the pub. The next zone will instruct how to cross safely as you are heading towards the little snickleway which is to the right of the pub as you look at it from across the road and will take you back to the Mead.
Chapter twenty-five

Safe crossing at the George

Move along the path to the left, away from the junction of all the roads.

To the left of the Inn is a car park and it is safer to cross here.

Once over the road walk to the right past the pub as there is a little gate which will lead back down to the Mead field.
Chapter twenty-six

Directions to the walled up windows

Firstly go through the gate to the right of the George pub, on the wall on the left you will see a window that has been bricked up.

Good Luck with the rest of the walk!
Chapter twenty-seven

Directions to the blue door

Pass down the alleyway towards the Mead, once through the wooden gate look to your right and the blue door is just there, nestled in the ivy.
Chapter twenty-eight

The walled up windows

The weaver of Norton St Philip is Santa's best friend. What many people don't know is that behind the walled windows is Santa's work shop! Only Santa can see through the strong, stone window because he has magic eyes that are blue. Santa's work shop is on the top left path of the Mead. Santa has been living in Norton St Philip for over 80 years and he is liking it very much.

Santa can fly with magic and he has a great, big, bushy beard. Santa has big round glasses. Santa likes eating loads of mince pies. He has sparkly red and white clothes and big black boots. Santa is getting ready for Christmas, he has wrapped 100 billion presents ready to deliver.

He wraps the presents behind the hidden window because he wants nobody to see him. A little boy is being naughty in Manchester, he stuck some gum into his sister's hair ... Santa is not very happy! Santa can see what is happening as he has this tv that can see all around the world and he has an alarm that beeps when someone is being naugty!

Behind the walled up window it is really noisy, because of all of the machines making and wrapping all of the presents.There is the sparkle and scratching noise where a machine is wrapping the shiny wraping paper round the presents. Santa's work shop is really big and the walls are painted yellow & blue. At the side there is a big conveyor belt that has loads of toys on it.

If you put your ear to the wall you may be able to hear the jingling of Santa's magic bells through the stone.

The End
Chapter twenty-nine


Continue to walk with the ivy covered wall on your right hand side. You will be walking down hill. Stop when you arrive at the green litter bin. Sit on the bench which is beside the bin. Then the story will reveal.
Chapter thirty

The Secret Blue door

There are many rumours about what is hidden behind the secret blue door. Many people think that it is hidden for a reason. We are going to share our favourite two tales...
If you go to the left you will find yourself with friendly plants, and if you go to the right you'll find yourself in a horde of shiny, glittery gold. You could steal it all if there wasn't a giant protecting it.

The door to the giant is covered in leaves and ivy, plus it turns you into ivy TOO! The giant eats gold for his breakfast and salty water to wash it down. The giant's face is extremely brown, so he can camouflage in the mud that he like to bathe in. He wears big yellow trousers and a very thin blue jacket. He has cuts all over his hands because he has been fighting with the dragons in the field. He smells of dried blood and dragon scales.

When you go left to the friendly plants they will be chuckling to each other. They may be talking to each other about covering the door, cleverly leaving the handle clear.They live in a nice, huge garden with beds as cosy as a polar bear. The plants all have faces and different personalities. Each plant has the power to create something, sunflowers create sun, pea shooters create peas and ice burgs create atmosphere to keep the plants cool.

So when you reach the secret blue door,which way will you go, left or right?
Chapter thirty-one

Directions to the Rainbow Gate

Now you must walk down the Mead until you find a brown, opaque gate in the shape of an arch.
Chapter thirty-two

The Giant Tree

Now you have passed through the blue door we have another story to tell.

Once there was a very angry giant called Billy. He wore a huge, black hat with a red shiny ribbon around the centre. Billy liked to collect fire wood from the forest. He could often be seen carrying a whole Beech tree. He also liked to play with cameras, taking photographs of scary animals and fighting with other giants.

Billy lived on his own on the Mead, he was a very tall giant, in fact he was the tallest of all the giants.

One day a super ugly, naughty troll appeared on the Mead, he whacked Billy on the foot with a wooden club. This made Billy very angry. There were two massive trees and Billy grabbed one, throwing it up into the sky. It didn't come back down! Then he got the second tree and pulled it up by the roots whacking the troll on the head, knocking him flying into the sky. He fell down with a thump. Dazed, he got back up and pulled out his massive clubs. The giant picked up some nearby railings and used them as spears. He got a slingshot out, grabbed a boulder the size of a 9 year old's arm span, then fired it at the troll. The troll went flying again, crashing into a tree. Before the troll could get up, Billy stabbed the troll clean through the heart making puss and dark green blood ooze out. This made Billy's day! He roared at the top of his voice "marvellous!"
Can you see any trees that have been snapped by Billy?
Chapter thirty-three


Travel now to the sundial back in the church yard.
Chapter thirty-four

Chapter thirty-five

Rainbow Gate

Once upon a time there was a young man called Edward, who lived in a field next to cows and bulls.
The wild beasts were all trying to destroy his home. They didn't like Edward because he wouldn't feed them.
One day he woke up, but just at that moment he saw a rainbow flying over his field.
To the man's amazement the rainbow stopped and started to hover above the field. Edward got dressed and ran outside "what are you doing?" said the man.
"I have come to make you a gate" replied the rainbow.
"Amazing!" said the man.
The rainbow said "if you would like a gate tomorrow morning, you must go to bed right now".
The man followed his word and went to bed straight away.
Whilst the man was dreaming, somehow he realised that he could choose which gate he wanted. He chose a big, strong gate to stop all the bulls and cows getting through.
When the man woke up he saw the rainbow with the big strong gate at the entrance to the field. Then, he saw the wild beast who had all hung their heads in shame and disappointment. They realised they couldn't persuade the man to feed them.
At this point the rainbow had to go to save other people.
The gate was then left and now it has remained a part of history and this is why this gate is called the Rainbow gate.

Chapter thirty-six

The Ending

All the tapestries had now been repaired and awaited the gentleman's collection, as the clock struck 11.00 he entered her workshop as he had done all those weeks before.

'Would you show me your work, please'

"Why of course" she said, and retrieved the first of six from the casket.

She laid it out across her long table, and over all the months she had worked on the frail cloth, this was indeed the very first time she had seen any in its full glory. It was a story, a little like a cartoon, but all stitched rather than drawn, and in each panel were characters and places, people and animals, all busy doing things, chatting, mending, repairing.

The gentleman said to her, 'Can you tell me what you see, please?' So she began to read the tapestry for the first time.

The first picture was of a dinosaur and a tree with scars all over it, the second a crocodile.

The next story told of the root men and the flower people, then the dinosaur stone, and the unicorns.

When she read the fourth she recognised the gate, and the dress the person wore. She was in the story herself!

Disbelieving she then unrolled the next tapestry which she had repaired, the ancient story which was so moth eaten and ragged that she had fretted hard over it's recovery.
Chapter thirty-seven

The End

All these amazing tapestry pictures were of unicorns and giants, root men and crocodiles, dinosaurs and stone rainbows, to name but a few.

The lady then sat down on her bench, lost for words and not sure what had happened, unable to speak even a single word.

'You have mended this ancient cloth excellently' said the gentleman, 'and have earned every coin which is beneath you beaker.'

She had almost forgotten completely about the fee, and he had paid up front as well, with two shiny silver coins.

'I said that I would give you another for each story told,' and at that he lifted the up turned beaker, and out poured at least twenty silver coins. They cascaded across the mantle piece and some even fell onto the stone floor.

The gentleman then said 'Thank you' rolled the tapestries back into the drawer, and lifted them as if they were as light as corn sticks, and then made his way through the door.

One of the coins had rolled right over to the Weaver and still dumb with shock she lifted it, and there cast into the coin was a picture of the scar tree, and on the reverse an simple illustration of two people walking in the Mead one a lady, the other a tall gent.

The End